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Because your condo association usually has insurance, it will cover the condominium building, common property, and liability insurance. But, inside the walls of your condo, there’s insurance to cover everyday mishaps and accidents. A condo insurance policy covers a break-in, water damage, an injury inside your condo, and more.

The few things to consider when purchasing condo insurance are the interior structure, personal belongings, and liability.
Interior Structure: The association’s condominium building policy only covers the exterior of the condos and the common areas, so you’ll want to cover anything that happens to your walls, fixtures, kitchen counters, and other structures.

Personal Belongings: Most often, the first thing that you’ll want to cover are the personal belongings within your condo. These are your responsibility to insure, and with this type of coverage, your insurance can pay to replace them at their current value.

Liability: Liability is a way to cover yourself if people are hurt within your unit—your insurance will cover the cost if you are held liable.
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